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How can I submit my company's products to list in your database?

We are glad that you want to join our movement, thank you! If you are a brand owner or manufacturer, there are two ways to be included in our app. 

I. In-App Listings

a. Organic user submission via our mobile app

Fee: None
Lead time: 6-12 months or longer
Support: None

Any users can submit a product with standard UPC to us. Every two weeks, we prioritize adding products by most scanned and submitted products. For example, if product A is submitted by users 1,000 times, and product B is presented one time, we will enter product A first. 

b. Direct priority listing service via our dedicated Account Manager

A) $99 USD Application Fee (Non-Refundable and will be applied as a credit upon initiation of a review process towards review fees at first year anniversary) Note: this fee is to receive a proposal with a quote, it does not have your products verified or added to the app;

B) One-time review fees based on number of the products, the complexity of the ingredients used in formulations;

C) Listing fees: Monthly / Yearly

Standard Lead time: 15 business days
Rush Lead Time: 5 business days
Rush Service Fee: +20%

Most independent brands that have done their due diligence on their ingredients and have been certified by USDA / ECO Cert / COSMOS / Soil Association. They tend to like to take advantage of our Priority Listing Service. This option will expedite your brands' submissions, from the application to be listed in 5-15 business days with rushed service. It is a great opportunity for brands who wish to be visible in our fast-growing user base.
If you can kindly let us know a bit more about your business or brands, so we can send over a customized quote for your review. It will have additional information about being included in our beauty boxes as well!

II. Licensing Partnership
We work with retailers who carry Think Dirty rated clean products on a case-by-case basis. To apply to be an approved retailer to enter a licensing agreement to use Think Dirty Rated design marks and word marks, please complete the application.

To get the process started, we invite you to fill out check out our brand application questionnaire. Once it's completed, we will reach out in 2 business days. If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to [email protected]


There are many other partnership opportunities, please learn more in the For Brand Partners section.