Product Submission

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How to submit a product with non-standard UPC codes?

Submitting the UPC is super easy & quick. We're happy to help! Think Dirty provides users with two ways to search a product in our database. First, you can scan a barcode simply by: Tapping the blue rectangular icon at the bottom of your screen Align the camera on the screen with the barcode of the ...

How can I speed up the time from when I submit a product to when it is put into the app?

Firstly, please make sure that the images you take are clear and that the "back" image includes the ingredients (Hint: sometimes the ingredients are actually on the SIDE).Secondly, take the time to fill out the full proper name for the product: Eg.MAC Studio Fix Powder in Fair vs. MAC Powder.

How long does it take to process my submissions?

Due to the large number of submissions, we currently feature products based on popularity. Every month we enter the top 500-1000 most frequently submitted products. We take a look at the products you submit but it may take a while before they are entered because they're not inquired about as often a...

How do I add products without a barcode?

It's no problem :) Barcodes can only be 6, 12, or 13 digits. However, you can:1. Type in the numbers you have & enter zeros until you get to 12 digits. E.g. 123400000000Or, 2. If there is no barcode, just type 12 zeros where it asks for a barcode. E.g. 000000000000Kindly continue filling in th...