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What does Think Dirty’s Premium App Subscription include?

We're so excited to share some of our recently launched new features in our premium app. These features are tailored to help you find the perfect products that fit your specific needs.
Our premium paid app option offers a variety of specialized features to enhance your shopping experience. These include

Premium features:

  • Unlimited Access to Product Categories: Browse product lists tailored to your specific health concerns and lifestyle preferences, such as paraben-free and cruelty-free options.
  • Search by Ingredients: Discover more about ingredients by searching our database. You'll find a rating score for the ingredient, along with additional information and sources.
  • Personalized ingredient Preferences and Alerts: Streamline your shopping experience by customizing your allergen and ingredient preferences and get alerts for flagged ingredients in products you've viewed. Don't forget to create a personalized profile to save your settings for future use.
  • Unlimited Access to All Products Types, including User submitted products: User Submitted products are the products submitted by the Dirty Thinker community that have not undergone official manual evaluation by our team. As such, we encourage users to exercise discretion when considering the accuracy and reliability of these products.
  • Product Expiry date Tracker: Our Android users can currently add expiry dates to all products listed in My Bathroom Shelf. We are working on bringing this feature to other lists on the app as well. Our iOS users can expect this feature to be available soon. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve the app's functionality.

We have exciting new specialized features in the works that will be exclusively available to paid users. By subscribing to our premium option, you are also supporting our mission to keep Think Dirty independently owned. We truly appreciate your support in the important work we do!